I hope this consolidated list of acknowledgements will satisfy the spirit of the requests of those whose items I’ve used with permission or by acknowledging terms.  If you see something of yours on my site and I haven’t given appropriate credit here, please contact me and I’ll rectify the oversight.

Various paper craft models, including the Bat Cave, Enterprise sets, Castle Grayskull, and the TARDIS interior come from AFT Downloads.

Various backgrounds for action figures:  Living the Adventure Dios.

Scans of background art from Filmation’s He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon come courtesy of James Eatock, via The He-Man and She-Ra Blog.

Bathroom-style tiles come from

Enterprise-D interiors courtesy of Tadeo D’Oria.

Additional Enterprise-D interiors come from the Stage 9 project, which officially no longer exists, but can be found with a minimum of effort and a Torrent client.

3-D models

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